The Swamp Rabbits 

Intent: To drive the warren out of the bayou

  • ƒEmissaries arrive with talk of peace
  • Soldiers and nutria minions amass across river ƒ
  • Patrols are ambushed
  • ƒThe warren is flooded

The White King
Intent: To receive tribute and sacrifice 

  • A messenger arrives with an ultimatum
  • The warren is divided
  • Enforcers appear
  • The White King reigns

The Hunter 

  • Intent: To destroy the warren
  • The hunter arrives crashing through the swamp
  • Buddy runs free
  • A grand council is called, for all are in danger
  • The warren is sold out and sacrificed 

The Big Muddy
Intent: To drown the world

  • The rains come and the ground is wet
  • River rises- Standing water collects in low places
  • Entrances are filled with water as the warren floods
  • The world is submerged and everyone is drowned 


The Warren kristycutsforth